Pakrooh Law has extensive experience representing clients as a business litigation lawyer in Boston and beyond. Our business litigation cases involve a wide range of business disputes between different businesses, and or business partners, shareholders, company officers or family business members. 

Business litigation can often involve entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, contractors, and independent consultants that have valuable technologies, products or services. In some instance they encounter disputes with large companies that by virtue of their size and resources have not lived up to their end of the agreement. We serve both individuals and large companies but will often stand up for the underdog in a dispute with a larger company. We give clients a fighting chance because of our ability to navigate and seek out legal, factual, economic, and psychological leverage points in our client’s case.

We represent an array of business clients entangled in commercial disputes. Whether it is a demand, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, we vigorously represent clients in a multitude of situations and circumstances. These claims include but are not limited to breach of contract and warranties, breach of fiduciary duties, claims of fraud and misrepresentations, dealing of bad faith, false advertising, tortious interference of economic interests, intellectual property violations, and breach of privacy rights.

Experience is so important when it comes to choosing a business litigation attorney to take on your case. Our business litigation lawyer has a deep understanding of contract and commercial law, corporate governance, and can parse relationships and agreements to connect the dots in reverse to develop the facts and narrative of the case and lead it forward to the resolution of the business dispute in the client’s best interest. We vigorously defend and pursue our clients’ interest and won’t rest until we get the best result possible for them in every business litigation case. Very often the details of a case is where the resolution lies. Darius Pakrooh is a top-rated business litigation attorney and through his due diligence process uncovers very specific leverage points in each case to bring it forward to a resolution.