There is no escaping  data privacy concerns in the modern information age. Data privacy concerns will continue to be a challenge for any technology company that gathers data on its users. These companies need a talented data privacy attorney to help them stay on the right side of data privacy laws and protect users from breaches, malicious actors and violations of privacy rights.

At Pakrooh Law, our data privacy and security practice focuses on helping clients that use software to gather information, navigate this young, complex, and ever evolving legal landscape. A data privacy attorney knows that their role is to help a client develop a proactive security and data policy.

Data privacy law is a new frontier of the law, and it is an emerging and pressing concern for many companies. Pakrooh Law prides itself  in staying at the forefront of data privacy trends and laws.

If you are a software or ecommerce company you need to be sure that your data privacy policy is written carefully in consultation with an experienced data privacy attorney who not only understands  the law but can anticipate the evolving challenges presented in the shifting legal landscape of data privacy and security.

In today’s world, data is precious and valuable, both to the company that stores and protects it, and to the users and customers whose data can be extremely sensitive.

The data privacy attorney at Pakrooh law is a trusted business litigator and contract review attorney who thoroughly grasp the data security landscape of today and will spot any potential weaknesses in a company’s data policy. If a company is facing data privacy breach litigation we can fight your case and advise you of what laws and statutes affect your dispute and how you can protect the value and reputation of your company.