Mergers and acquisitions can account for some of the biggest events in a company’s history. They involve more than just one decision, but many decisions that form an overall strategy about the company’s assets, business interests and holdings. Pakrooh Law, a M&A law firm, is poised to counsel throughout the complex decision-making process of merging two companies, or acquiring another’s business’s interests,assets, and more.

Boston based M&A attorney Darius Pakrooh has lead multimillion dollar mergers and acquisitions. He has the experience and confidence to lead a deal from letters of intent to closing that helps preserve his client’s best interests. Our transactional and M&A practice provides legal counsel rooted in smart business economics to clients preparing to enter a deal. As a merger and acquisition law firm, we provide transactional support to clients long after the deal. We are called on by clients post  merger acquisition to counsel on purchase and sale agreements, future debt and equity financing agreements; licensing joint venture agreements; and array of complex commercial contracts.

A good M&A Lawyer can see what’s ahead of and behind a deal. They know what to expect both before the transaction and after it is completed.. Due diligence and deal compliance is an ongoing undertaking that must be monitored as deals unfold. We remain involved on issues ranging from internal corporate governance and shareholder relations to negotiating an optimum stock purchase agreement or asset purchase agreement. .

We are highly knowledgeable and highly rated M&A contract attorneys who can spot any inconsistencies and potential problems in the final contract you make during an important business deal. We thoroughly review all the documentation and ensure that each step is legally compliant, consistent with the expectations of the parties and with the company’s goals for the merger.

M&A Law is a fast-paced and ever-evolving field. An integral part of our business litigation and M&A practice is staying alert and curious to legal trends that can have an impact on the way companies do business. We remain ahead of complex and evolving state and federal laws to protect our clients’ peace of mind and to leave no stone unturned during the most important deals a company might make. If you need a Boston Based M&A Lawyer then contact us today.