As technology and global connectivity progresses, it’s more common for companies to do business internationally. For international businesses, the US is a lucrative market, which can offer great potential for expanding a client base and launching into new markets.Unfortunately entering the US market also comes with nuances of navigating the complex patchwork of state and federal laws. 

At Pakrooh Law, we are an international business litigation law firm who partners with and advises foreign companies that enter,operate, and transact in the U.S. market. Companies conducting business in the United States must understand and adhere to state and federal regulations. We assist with bridging the legal, business and cultural gap between our international clients and their U.S. counterparts. From leveraging our network of professionals, structuring deals, and protecting their interest, whether in negotiation, arbitration or litigation, our international clients receive our unwavering commitment to ensure they have a trusted partner present on the ground in the United States.

We ensure that international companies can safely and confidently enter the US market. Darius Pakrooh has the international business litigation and transaction experience international clients seek and can integrate unique cultural considerations and perspectives when framing potential problems and opportunities. 

If your company is facing litigation or arbitration, or striving to transact and invest in the United States, our law firm is a strong advocate who can represent your company and  partners.