Pakrooh Law is an IP law firm that works on highly sensitive issues and disputes concerning the intellectual property interest of our clients. We represent clients with legal matters concerning trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

Our IP lawyer represents clients who have valuable intellectual property that must be protected. These IP assets, whether trademarks, copyrights, patents, or trade secrets are extremely valuable to our clients because they often are the source behind the economic returns investors and companies demand.

Clients come to Pakrooh Law seeking confidence in counsel to navigate a complex landscape of intellectual property laws while pursuing trademark registration in the US and internationally, pursuing intellectual licensing negotiations and agreement, copyright registration and copyright protection, and securing trade secrets. We work with our clients to protect and enhance the value of their intellectual property portfolio assisting with IP filings at the state, federal and international levels; draft detailed IP agreements ranging from licensing agreements to multiparty IP development agreements; and routinely represent clients in the enforcement of their intellectual property rights.

Our intellectual property litigation practice fully commits to the process of protecting our clients’ valuable intellectual property assets and enforcing the intellectual property claims our clients may have.

Establishing IP rights and protecting clients against intellectual property infringement is indeed necessary to protect and increase the value of a client’s IP rights. Our IP litigation lawyer, recognizes that an IP infringement can affect our client’s business and profitability. We strive to secure intellectual property rights and if necessary, litigate intellectual property disputes through trial by putting the strongest team forward to protect the intellectual property of our clients.

Pakrooh Law’s intellectual property and IP litigation attorney is experienced with intellectual property protection, acquiring favorable licensing agreements, investigating the patentability of intellectual property and technologies and filing IP registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the United States International Trade Commission and at the state level. We provide counsel for companies beyond the initial stages of registration through intellectual property maintenance and defense. Our clients seek out Pakrooh Law to provide full service intellectual property maintenance from cradle to grave and rely on our highly skilled intellectual property litigation attorney as the advocate in any intellectual property dispute. Please contact us to learn more about our intellectual property practice and business litigation services.